14mm - 5-Disc Overlap™

Size Industry standard 14mm DVD format
Storage For 5 optical media discs
Features Unique patented disc overlap system; all discs visible Rosette hub ensures secure disc protection and safe transportation Available in a variety of colors and transparents One-piece virgin polypropylene construction; consistent quality 100% recyclable
Booklet Space 1.0mm (see Product Specification table)
Sleeve For Insert Yes (see Product Specification table)
Automation Fully automatable (i.e. Ilsemann, Gima and Kyoto)
Approved by leading replicators and studios
Licensed Under US 5, 743, 390 EP 0, 676, 763 from Pozzoli, Italy
Patent US 6,478,150; US 29/097, 112 PCT/DK99/00689
Brochure Click here to download brochure (pdf 2.50MB)
Specifications Click here to download specifications brochure (pdf 484KB)

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